In the case of a company specialising in assembly, I think correctness, a systematic approach, the ability to think ahead, respecting deadlines, quality, the accuracy of documentation and willingness to cooperate are all vital. With Rivest OÜ, we have primarily cooperated in the construction of large-scale agricultural sites. Every cooperation agreement with Rivest is a victory. The team of Rivest is professional. They have a strong desire to cooperate and they are able to express what they expect in terms of site preparation in order to do the work rapidly and with a high level of quality. They plan their work carefully and are able to find solutions promptly even in situations where things do not go as initially planned. They do not make excuses when something works out differently than expected, and resolve unpleasant situations. We do not dare to recommend them to others, as then they might not have time to work on our sites anymore. Anyone who collaborates with Rivest once will never want to look elsewhere.

Rivo Teppo
Mapri Ehitus OÜ

We have worked with Rivest OÜ on several sites, such as the production building of Marktetex Vision OÜ (BLRT Grupp AS) in Tallinn and the production building of Thermory AS in Loo. Rivest has a young, but knowledgeable and thoughtful team with a strong willingness to cooperate, which focuses on good results. Their core advantage is that they enjoy their work. Our most significant feat of labour is, in my opinion, the timely achievement of planned targets. I recommend Rivest OÜ to other partners as well.

Eduard Kikkas
AS Maru Ehitus

Assembly partners are found in the process of procurement. We rank the tenders based on price and, in addition, we do a background check (references, payment behaviour, pace of work, etc.). This helps us to form a certain image which determines who we select as the contractor. We will definitely keep including Rivest OÜ in our procurements as a contractor. On the sites I have managed, Rivest OÜ has installed metal structures, Z-purlins, load-bearing sheets and rainwater systems. The advantage of Rivest OÜ is their good pace of work, prompt communication and responsiveness in solving problems. The contractor does not ask ‘how do we solve this’, but rather proposes ‘shall we do it like that?’.

Jonatan Lige
Nordecon Betoon OÜ

Rivest OÜ has been montage works subcontractor with us in 3 farm objects and 1 logistics center object.
I am satisfied with high experience, fast problem solutions and construction speed.
I think the most valuable asset for Rivest OÜ is their professionalism. I would recommend Rivest OÜ as a partner or subcontractor to other companies.

Ansis Segliņš
Mapri Būve SIA